The Center for Excellence in Project Execution Calls for a Paradigm Shift in Alberta Oil Sands to Meet 'Lower-for-Longer' Head-On

The Center for Excellence in Project Execution is calling on the Alberta Oil Sands industry to embrace a paradigm shift through "Standardization" in its quest for achieving cost reductions on new resource projects.

​​Based in Calgary, Center for Excellence in Project Execution is a boutique management consultancy directed specifically at Oil Sands, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals industry in Alberta to deliver top-notch cost reduction and efficiency enhancement services to the owner companies in the aforesaid sectors.

Anirudh Kumar, Construction & Project Manager, Center for Excellence in Project Execution said, "An initiative which can easily spearhead innovation and cost reduction is an industry-wide Standardization of specifications and standards. In the Alberta oil sands, technology has become more or less standardized. The next step is to standardize design and construction standards and specifications across the industry. This standardization and its subsequent adoption by the oil sands industry as a whole will result in a paradigm shift in the competitiveness of the industry vis-à-vis its peers at a global level."

Kumar, a strong proponent of Standardization of the industry standards, has presented papers on the above topic in international and other seminars and the same have been well received and quoted.

Parth Mukherjee, Expert Principal, Center for Excellence in Project Execution, said: "Through Standardization the Alberta oilpatch needs to redefine success by normalizing the standards across the board and celebrating success of the industry as a whole instead of as individual entities. Such a step would send a strong signal to investors that the industry is taking decisive steps as a whole to improve competitiveness and return on investment."

This boutique consulting approach is an industry first of sorts, providing access to owner companies simple-to-apply but effective holistic approaches to review an entire project – design engineering through to construction – to identify major viable cost reduction opportunities.

Both Kumar and Mukherjee have worked on some of the largest and most complex projects in Alberta for clients covering all the major producers, and engineering design consultants.

“Other than industry-wide initiatives such as standardization, the owner companies also need focused help to find cost reduction opportunities on new projects, Center for Excellence in Project Execution is proposing to fill this vital need of the industry”, added Kumar. "We have the hands-on industry experience; moreover, we are a small business ourselves. In summary, our message is 'we understand your requirements, and we're here to help'."

Center for Excellence in Project Execution will provide more information on how this standardization endeavour can benefit the oil sands industry in the coming days.

About Center of Excellence in Project Execution

The Center of Excellence in Project Execution is a boutique management consultancy serving oil sands, oil & gas sectors providing niche consulting services covering cost reduction, project management, strategy consulting, special projects and continuous improvement.  

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Parth Mukherjee, P.Eng, PMP
Expert Principal​
Center for Excellence in Project Execution

Anirudh Kumar, P.Eng
Center for Excellence in Project Execution

Source: Center for Excellence in Project Execution

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